Sunday, September 25, 2011

Time for Detoxification

It's been a long time since I last posted and so much has happened. I participated in the Rebel Race in June and injured my Achilles tendon. I was in a ton of pain after the initial sprint but finished the race without skipping any obstacles and still had a great time. The next day I limped into my orthopedist's office and was diagnosed with Achilles tendinitis and a heel spur. Not fun! I spent the next 2 months wearing an Achilles boot with a heel lift. Up til that point I was doing really well; working out 5 days a week and eating relatively healthy. After the injury, though, I let myself go. I worked out maybe 2 times in 2 months and ate (and drank) whatever the heck I wanted. Earlier this month I went to the doctor for my annual physical and learned that I had gained 16 pounds while recovering from the Achilles injury. You read that right: SIXTEEN POUNDS! How is that even possible!?

That got my butt back into gear. I'm working out 5 days a week again and working on fixing my messed up diet but I feel like I need a clean slate. A couple of friends of mine have recently done juice fasts. Now, I was intrigued and inspired by both of them but that's not exactly what I had in mind. I searched the interwebs for short-term detoxes and found the Fruit Flush Detox. This is a 3-day detox that is designed to cleanse your body of fat and toxins, break unhealthy food addictions, improve skin, and just make you feel better overall. There's also the potential 9 pound weight loss, half of which is water.

A few days ago I went to Vitamin Shoppe and got some of Jay Robb's whey protein. The package claims that it is "the best tasting protein on the planet." The package lies. It was gross. I am NOT a fan of stevia. It was just way too sweet. So, on Laura's recommendation, I'm going with Designer Whey instead. I picked that up at the store today along with my fruits, salad, and lean chicken.

Tomorrow is Fruit Flush Day 1 - the pre-flush. I'll be enjoying lots of protein shakes, water, and a huge salad. Wish me luck! I'll weigh in tomorrow morning and try to blog in the evening.


  1. Hi! It's been a while... I tried to check in with you after we had that strange earthquake to make sure you and the family were ok. I am sure you'll be able to get back in shape in no time! Good luck with the diet and keep in touch :)

  2. Cool! When I've done cleanses/flushes, I feel like the best benefit is the mental preparation to start a new stage of self-care and the feeling of having a clean slate. Hope it goes great, looking forward to hearing more!